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Available Puppies

Before you bring home a puppy...


A strong healthy puppy starts with healthy parents.

Confidence with the “person” you buy a puppy from is just as important as the puppy itself.

Where is the best source to get the best information? The internet, friends, family, veterinarians, other dog breeders?  There are so many web sites and links and searches. And, there are just as many opinions. 

I don’t think there is one best single source of information. That is why this site does not offer a ‘limited’ or ‘favorite’ or ‘best’ site and link to go to.

I suggest you explore all of the above and then send me a note on my ‘contact’ page-or give me a call.  We can share more about the Newfoundlands that I have learned to love and  appreciate.

Lena & William Puppies
Lena & William Puppies
  • ALL of Lena’s Puppies have their new homes
  • Born March 18, 2022
  • If you have any questions, certainly feel comfortable to give me a call at: 484-880-7962

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