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Upcoming Newfoundland Litters

We occasionally have Newfoundland Litters available. We dedicate a lot of love, time, energy, and resources to our dogs and their litters. Finding the right homes for our puppies is crucial for us. Prospective buyers must be committed to training their puppy and ensuring its health and happiness.

Newfoundland Litters


I welcome you to give me a call to share thoughts about this upcoming litter.

Currently accepting deposits. 

Michael 484-880-7962

What you need to know

The Newfoundland is an impressively large (or giant) dog breed that can weigh up to 150-170  pounds. Known for their strength and swimming abilities, Newfoundlands are capable of saving a drowning person, pulling fishing nets from the sea, or even hauling lumber. However, what truly distinguishes the Newfoundland breed is their sweet and gentle personality. Despite growing big and strong, Newfoundland puppies have a naturally loving nature and particularly enjoy being around children. They are known for their patience and loyalty, making them an ideal family pet. With proper care, love, and attention, a Newfoundland can become a cherished and devoted member of any household.
The Newfoundland is generally a healthy breed. However, like many breeds, Newfoundlands may have some health issues that could be inherent to the breed. Some dogs may face these health challenges in their lives, but the majority of Newfoundlands are healthy dogs. 

Origin: Canada

Year Recognized: 1886

Breed History & Job Description: Canadian fishermen have long relied on Newfoundlands as exceptional working dogs on ships, with a talent for dramatic water rescues. Newfoundlands are natural swimmers with webbed feet and are strong enough to rescue a grown man from drowning. Their reputation as rescuers is legendary, similar to the role of the Saint Bernard in the Alps. In addition to their lifesaving abilities, Newfoundlands also assisted by hauling fishing nets to shore and transporting the day’s catch to market.

Personality: Sweet, patient, and devoted.
Energy Level: Regular Exercise and plenty of time to sleep by your side.
Good with Children: Great with children
Good with Other Dogs: Great with other dogs
Shedding: Moderate…effective grooming is helpful
Grooming: We have great support system to help you with this.
Trainability: Agreeable and humorously stubborn
Average Height: 28 inches (male), 26 inches (female)
Weight: 130-170pounds (male), 100-130 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy: 9-14 years-We have longevity in our bloodlines.
Barking Level: Only to alert. Or when they want treats.

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