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Puppy Nursery

Newfoundland Puppy Nursery Tour:

Healthy puppies start with healthy puppy parents. We welcome you to share the experience of how our dogs are raised and how they are part of my daily lifestyle.

Mom and pup well-being are our top priorities. That’s why we have three dedicated whelping rooms, each offering a quiet, temperature-controlled environment for a stress-free birthing experience. These private spaces also allow us to closely monitor the process and ensure the health of both mother and puppies. Our breeding program goes beyond genetics. We select healthy mothers and are fully prepared to address any needs including: health, nutrition, care, and well-being.

Our whelping rooms prioritize the comfort and health of moms and pups. Newfoundland mothers receive 24/7 care in one of three climate-controlled spaces. These rooms boast state-of-the-art air quality filtration systems, ensuring the cleanest and safest possible environment. For added protection, all incoming and outgoing air is treated with ultraviolet (UV) lighting.

Perfect Puppy Socializing and Enrichment.  Newborn pups get the best start with dedicated temperature and air quality control, healthcare attention, and plenty of sunshine. We’re always close by to meet their needs.

How are my puppies raised.  Our puppies get the best of both worlds when it comes to playtime! We have a dedicated indoor puppy playroom that’s perfect for exploring and stimulating their curious minds. For some fresh air and sunshine, they also have access to a secure outdoor play yard complete with doggie doors for easy in-and-out privileges.

From playful exploration to messy mealtimes (it’s all part of the fun!), each puppy receives dedicated attention and individualized care. We prioritize their health and well-being through routine monitoring for intestinal parasites and worms. To ensure their continued health, a dedicated refrigerator stores top-of-the-line vaccines and preventative medications.”

Keeping our Newfoundlands clean and comfortable is a priority! That’s why we have a dedicated grooming room for both our adult dogs and the playful pups. This space ensures everyone stays healthy, clean, and happy.

Before joining their forever homes, we prioritize socialization and exploration for our pups, building confidence and a curious, well-adjusted personality.

From playful explorers to cuddly companions, it’s no wonder we fall in love with these amazing creatures!

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