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Newfoundland Boys and Girls

Newfoundland Boys and Girls

Newfoundland boys and girls, how are they different?: Newfoundlands are a breed of dogs where both males and females may have unique personality traits.

Male Newfoundlands sometime tend to be more playful, energetic, and independent than their female counterparts. They are known to enjoy playing with toys and engaging in physical activities more often, making them ideal companions for people who like to stay active. However, this does not mean that male Newfoundlands do not have affectionate tendencies. They also show love and loyalty to their owners, but they tend to be more focused on themselves.

On the other hand, female Newfoundlands are often more affectionate, dependent, and nurturing than males. They show a lot of love and attachment to their owners and may seek affection and attention from them. Female Newfoundlands are known to be excellent companions for children and families as they are often just as patient and gentle as the males.

Choosing the Perfect Newfoundland: Male vs Female

Many different pure breeds will exhibit clear differences between  males and females.  I have divided these differences into two categories;  behavioral and physical.

Behavioral characteristics can include energy, affection, companionship, bonding, levels of separation anxiety, tolerance  with other dogs, training ability, protectiveness and others you know.

Physical differences include a smaller list of categories that refer to height, weight, big-boned and well-bodied, demeanor, and general overall appearance to highlight a few.

Focus on the Individual, Not the Stereotype.  I have found that after 45 years of breeding, the male or female Newfoundland may not fall into the defined categories listed above.  Newfies tend to exhibit similar temperaments regardless of gender.

Forget textbook stereotypes about male energy or female protectiveness. Responsible breeders like me focus on each puppy’s unique personality within a litter.  I identify and understand their individual traits and bloodlines.  Together we choose a puppy for you based on more than gender alone.

There are some physical differences to consider. Males tend to be larger than females. But both genders share the impressive Newfoundland stature and powerful build.


Males and females alike are extremely loyal, loving and eager to please their owners.  Experts regard the Newfoundland dog as highly intelligent and easy to train.

Both male and female Newfoundlands are known for their loyalty, affection, and eagerness to please. They’re intelligent and trainable, making them wonderful companions. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal connection.

As Newfie owners often say, “you can’t just have one,” so prepare to fall in love with this amazing breed regardless of gender.


Breed Club Standards says, male Newfoundlands should weigh between 130 and 150 pounds (Some of our boys are #170 lbs, strong and healthy), while females should weigh between 100 and 120 pounds (Some of our girls are #140 lbs strong and healthy). Additionally, male Newfoundlands are expected to be slightly taller, standing at around 28 inches, while females should be about 26 inches tall. Both male and female Newfoundlands are known for their calm and dignified demeanor, heavy-boned structure, and massive size. They are also loyal, intelligent, and great with children, making them ideal family pets.

Below, you will find ‘Our Boys’ and ‘Our Girls’.

Click Any Of Or Newfoundland Boys For More Information

Click Any Of Or Newfoundland Boys For More Information

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