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Female Newfoundland Dogs

Female Newfoundland Dogs

Female Newfoundland dogs more affectionate and dependent.

Female Newfoundland Dogs may seek affection and show much love and attachment. 

Choosing the Perfect Newfoundland: Male vs Female

Many different pure breeds will exhibit clear differences between  males and females.  I have divided these differences into two categories;  behavioral and physical.

Behavioral characteristics can include energy, affection, companionship, bonding, levels of separation anxiety, tolerance  with other dogs, training ability, protectiveness and others you know.

Physical differences include a smaller list of categories that refer to height, weight, big-boned and well-bodied, demeanor, and general overall appearance to highlight a few.

According to the official breed standards of the Breed Clubs the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Female Newfoundlands should weigh between 100 and 120 pounds. (Some of ours are up to #140 lbs and very healthy). Females should be about 26 inches tall. Female Newfoundlands will be heavy-boned and carry themselves with dignity.

Below, you will find “Our Girls.”


Maggie embodies the joy of being a Newfoundland teenager. Her infectious enthusiasm for playful adventures, from puddle jumping to energetic bursts of snow zoomies, brings laughter and cheer to everyone around her.

Clair Brock

Judith Kaleigh

Kayleigh is a charming free spirit. She may be a gentle giant, but her personality shines through in loving cuddles and playful nudges. Just as Newfoundland’s are renowned for forming strong bonds with their families, Kayleigh’s devotion is steadfast, love unconditional, a constant reminder that home is wherever she’s beside you. 


Lena, daughter of Claire and Hawthorne, is a true beauty with a kind heart. Her presence offers a sense of comfort and security, much like a giant, cuddly teddy bear. Her soft, velvety coat adds to her charm, and her playful spirit ensures your days are filled with joyful tail wags and endless opportunities for Newfie snuggles.

Sophia Estelle

 Sophia is a spirited soul with an infectious zest for life. A mischievous glint in her eyes hints at the playful energy that bursts forth in joyful zoomies and enthusiastic tail wags. Watching her frolic is pure delight, a guaranteed source of laughter and happy moments.  A true Newfoundland, Sophia is drawn to water, enjoys swimming and retrieving objects.


Catherine, a stunning Landseer, captivates with her beauty. Her large, expressive eyes seem to hold a well of affection, a single glance radiating warmth and melting away any stress. Her gentle and loving Newfie nature, offers a sense of calmness and companionship.


Sylvia, a captivating beauty with striking Irish spots, is always ready for an adventure. Her playful spirit is infectious, reminding everyone to cherish the simple joys and find happiness in everyday moments. Sylvia is a spirited companion who radiates the Newfoundland legacy of strength.


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