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Male Newfoundland Dogs

Male Newfoundland Dogs

Male Newfoundland Dogs tend to be more playful.

Male Newfoundland dogs may show affection and may also be more active and energetic. Females  seek affection and also display a lot of love and attachment. Both males and females have a major strong devotion and attachment to their families.

Choosing the Perfect Newfoundland: Male vs Female

Many different pure breeds will exhibit clear differences between  males and females.  I have divided these differences into two categories;  behavioral and physical.

Behavioral characteristics can include energy, affection, companionship, bonding, levels of separation anxiety, tolerance  with other dogs, training ability, protectiveness and others you know.

Physical differences include a smaller list of categories that refer to height, weight, big-boned and well-bodied, demeanor, and general overall appearance to highlight a few.

According to the official breed standards of the Breed Clubs…

Male Newfoundland dogs should weigh between 130 and 150 pounds (Some of our boys are #170 and very healthy). They should also be slightly taller, standing at around 28 inches, while females should be about 26 inches tall. Both male and female Newfoundlands will be heavy-boned and carry themselves with a sense of dignity.

Below, you will find “Our Boys.”

Zeus Mount Olympus

Son of Sydney and Alexandrea, Zeus demonstrates the classic “gentle giant” personality, displaying calmness and good behavior around everyone. Known for their gentle nature and impressive strength, Newfoundlands are naturally adept at various tasks. A true adventurer, Zeus thrives in the great outdoors. He enjoys activities like walks and swimming, always eager to explore.

Roman Colosseum

Roman, son of Apollo and Windy, is a magnificent dog with a heart that matches his impressive size. His soulful eyes and playful personality instantly charms everyone he meets. His robust bone structure contributes to his strength and imposing presence.

Latin of Course Hawthorne

Our lovable giant, Hawthorne, is a champion cuddler. Whether chasing a soccer ball or frolicking in the snow, his boundless energy is contagious. Watching him play is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Known for their dignified posture and proud head carriage, Hawthorne embodies Newfoundland nobility.

Gunnor from the Colorado Mountains

At just 4 months old, Gunnor has already become a cherished part of the family. Following us around like a loyal companion, his tail wagging in a constant rhythm of pure happiness. Gunnor brings warmth and joy to everyone he meets.


William Wallace the Scottish Warrior

William embraces the “gentle giant” Newfoundland persona. Despite his impressive size, his heart is pure gold. His playful spirit is infectious, keeping everyone entertained with his boundless energy. He’s a devoted companion, always eager to bring a smile.

Latin Nico of Course

Nico, our gorgeous Irish Spot, is a true charmer. He turns heads wherever he goes with his striking appearance. While he enjoys walks and car rides, Nico truly cherishes his cozy nap time. Above all, he finds immense joy in providing unconditional love and comfort to his family.


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